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Beyond Borders: A Story of Hope and Resilience at Lexcode

LC D. | 

March 10, 2024

“What began as a journey marred by uncertainty blossomed into a tale of resilience and triumph.”

In the wake of the global pandemic, fear and uncertainty gripped the hearts of many. Count me among them. As the world around me seemed to crumble, with even my first employer shutting their doors, I felt the weight of dashed dreams. It was a daunting time, filled with anxiety about what the future holds.

Yet, amid the chaos, I refused to succumb to despair. Determined to forge ahead, I embarked on a quest to reignite my career. Scrolling in job portals, I stumbled upon an opportunity that piqued my interest: a position as a desktop publishing (DTP) coordinator at Lexcode, a company in the localization industry—an unfamiliar territory for me. Despite my lack of familiarity, I applied, buoyed by the hope that this could mark the beginning of a new chapter.

To my relief and delight, my application bore fruit. Within days, I found myself navigating a virtual recruitment process, from exams to interviews—all conducted from the comfort of my home because of the pandemic-induced shift to remote operations. Despite the challenges, I emerged victorious, securing the role and embarking on a journey of growth and discovery.

I am grateful to say that joining Lexcode has been an answered prayer for me, particularly because of the incredible support I received from my colleagues during my probationary period. Starting a new journey can be difficult, but thanks to the LINK team, it became more manageable.

I owe a debt of gratitude to individuals like Ms. Marga, the former business supervisor, and Mira, the DTP coordinator, who witnessed my struggles and provided invaluable training, patience, and guidance.

Their mentorship not only helped me navigate the challenges but also enabled me to succeed in this career path. I firmly believe in heeding the advice of superiors who genuinely care about my professional growth.

My initial forays into the world of DTP were met with obstacles, from technical glitches to unfamiliar software. However, with the support of my colleagues and the resources provided by Lexcode, I persevered. Equipped with a desktop computer—delivered straight to my doorstep to facilitate remote work—I delved into the intricacies of MS Word, discovering its hidden features and unlocking new levels of productivity.

As days turned into weeks and weeks into years, I found myself transformed. What began as a journey marred by uncertainty blossomed into a tale of resilience and triumph.

Let me take you through a pivotal milestone in my journey—the mastery of zero error in my outputs as a desktop publisher. Initially, I grappled with the concept of meticulous attention to detail in our work. It seemed somewhat perplexing; after all, as humans, errors are inevitable.

However, with training and practice, I came to grasp the paramount importance of precision in formatting and data input. These documents are not mere paperwork; they carry significant weight in various applications, where a single error could spark a cascade of complications.

Through perseverance and a commitment to learning, I witnessed a notable improvement in my performance over time. Yet, it’s vital to acknowledge that perfection remains an elusive ideal. My tenure at Lexcode, now spanning three years, has been marked by a constant hunger for knowledge and a drive to surpass my previous accomplishments.

Mr. Ham and LC

To those who may be facing similar challenges, I offer this advice: embrace the season of learning, understanding that each stumble is a stepping stone towards mastery. With patience and perseverance, the true success is in the process.

Through the unwavering support of Lexcode and the opportunities afforded by remote work, I not only mastered the art of DTP but also rediscovered my sense of purpose and hope.

Three years have passed since I joined Lexcode, yet its impact continues to resonate in my life, guiding me forward with renewed optimism and a sense of purpose. For those embarking on a career in desktop publishing, my advice is to take it one step at a time. Dedicate time to familiarize yourself with the software, utilizing tutorials and practical exercises to enhance your skills. Please also be gentle to your eyes and hands, as they are your most valuable assets in this profession.

Cultivate a keen eye for detail and your hands being a friend to your keyboard and mouse. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance or guidance from experienced colleagues who can offer valuable insights. Additionally, invest in equipment that is conducive to DTP work, as it can significantly impact your efficiency and productivity.

As I reflect on my journey, I am reminded that amid the chaos of change, there exists the potential for growth and transformation.

Beyond Borders: A Story of Hope and Resilience at Lexcode

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