Language is not a barrier, but an opportunity.

Overcome Boundaries, Build Opportunities: AI-Powered Language Services for Global Connection.

AI-powered, Human-refined services.

Expertly crafted AI technology powered by human experts in language translation.
Bringing global communication within reach.


Effortlessly translate your file or text from one language to another while keeping its original meaning and context.


Get an instant quotation and accurate translation for your documents.

OFW & Travel Package

Have your official and government documents translated and certified.


Interpreters translate spoken words in real time between language accurately, conveying meaning, tone, and intent.

On-site Interpretation

Experience the power of
in-person interpretation for a smoother interaction.

Remote Interpretation

Achieve success in your events through accurate interpretation from the comfort of your own space. 

Hybrid Simultaneous Interpretation

Expand your event’s reach globally with online and in-person interpretation.

SI Equipment Rental

The success of your event will always start with the right equipment.

Language Solutions

Achieve global success with our AI-powered solutions, including content transformation, research analysis, and editing.


See how AI can translate your documents, summarize them, and transform them into different styles instantly.

Journal Lab

Explore how AI can assist you with research analysis and editing for your academic journal.

Each day, we provide our clients with unmatched
language translation expertise.

* This pie chart represents LEX-Cloud’s daily translation projects for each field and language that we serve.

Currently, 551 projects are crossing the language barrier with 49 linguists

Discover Lexcode’s yearly milestones, Global Projects and Client Growth.

* This graph represents Lexcode’s total translation and interpretation projects, as well as the number of clients served, from 2019 to 2023, highlighting significant projects and milestones achieved by the company each year.

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Advancement in AI and ML

We launched a dedicated Deep Learning Team, expanding our capabilities in artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver state-of-the-art solutions for our clients.


Hybrid Work Integration

We successfully transitioned to a hybrid work model and secured a new office space, fostering a dynamic work environment that promotes productivity and innovation.


Enhancing Remote Work Efficiency

We enhanced our remote work capabilities with a comprehensive cloud-based infrastructure, significantly improving flexibility and operational efficiency across multiple locations.


Pandemic Response and Adaptation

We swiftly implemented a work-from-home policy in response to the global pandemic, ensuring seamless business continuity and prioritizing employee safety while maintaining uninterrupted client support.


Advancement in AI and ML

We have achieved a significant milestone by establishing a reliable cloud-based work environment. This advancement enhances remote collaboration and data accessibility, significantly improving our operational efficiency.

Clients who trust us

Every year, more than 2,000 localization projects from over 1,000 clients cross the language barriers with Lexcode

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