Beyond Bilingual: Confessions of a Freelance Translator

Gregg R. | 

March 26, 2024

“I see translation and editing as a breath of fresh air”

Navigating the world of translation: insights from Gregg Antony Reyes

In the ever-evolving field of translation, it’s rare to come across individuals who not only excel in their craft but also possess a deep passion for the nuances of language and culture. Gregg is one such individual, whose journey in the realm of translation offers a fascinating glimpse into the complexities and joys of this profession. In this blog post, we delve into Gregg’s experiences, shedding light on the intricacies of translation work and the enduring significance of human touch in a technology-driven world.

The translator’s journey

Gregg Antony Reyes, a beacon of expertise in the translation industry, has been working with Lexcode as a freelance English/Filipino translator and English editor for three years. Despite being a third-year medical student with a background in business administration and accountancy, Gregg finds translation and editing to be a refreshing diversion. His work spans a wide array of projects, from scientific documents and financial reports to game manuals and movie subtitles, showcasing the versatility required in the field.

A day in the life

Gregg’s typical workday is a blend of academic pursuits and translation work. After attending classes, he checks for editing requests, meticulously reviews client guidelines, and embarks on the translation journey. Depending on the project’s length, the process might involve a cozy setup with coffee and snacks, accompanied by a favorite playlist. Gregg emphasizes the importance of breaks and a conducive work environment, whether it’s a quiet room or a bustling coffee shop.

Unexpected joys and memorable projects

One of the most delightful aspects of his job is the exposure to diverse cultures, which offers a deeper understanding of global traditions and communication styles. A particularly memorable project involved translating and editing proof of contact files, where Gregg appreciated the raw emotions and evolving relationships captured in personal conversations. This project highlighted the translator’s role in preserving and interpreting human experiences.

Navigating cultural nuances

He recalls a challenging literary publication project that required a keen understanding of cultural nuances. Through thorough research, consultation with senior editors, and a culturally sensitive approach, Gregg successfully navigated the complexities of translating texts from various genres. This experience underscored the importance of open-mindedness and appreciation for the subjects’ cultural backgrounds.

The impact of technology

In an age where artificial intelligence and machine translation are becoming increasingly prevalent, Gregg acknowledges their utility but firmly believes in the irreplaceable value of the human touch. Human intervention ensures that translations adhere to stylistic guidelines, maintain coherence, and, most importantly, convey empathy and humanity.

Quality assurance and advice for aspiring translators

Gregg’s meticulous quality assurance process involves segment-wise editing, extensive use of dictionaries, and constant reference to client and company style guides. This approach ensures accuracy, fluency, and consistency across translations. For those interested in pursuing a career in translation, Gregg encourages a keen interest in learning and an open-minded approach to language as a bridge between cultures.

His journey through the world of translation highlights the profound impact of language and culture on our understanding of the world. In a profession where technology plays a significant role, the human touch remains indispensable, enriching translations with empathy, context, and cultural sensitivity. For aspiring translators, Gregg’s experiences serve as a testament to the joys and challenges of this rewarding career path.

Beyond Bilingual: Confessions of a Freelance Translator

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