2023 AFI Global Policy Forum
The English to Spanish and French simulatenous interpretation suppported the annual AFI's flagship event, that highlights the growth and achievements of its robust worldwide network.
Empowering ASEAN Women in Artificial Intelligence
The remote simultaneous interpretation of FIL <> ENG positively contributed the webinar which aimed at advancing the participation, representation, and leadership of women in the field of artifical intelligence.
Safeguard Policy Review and Update: Southeast Asia and East Asia Regional Consultations
A Regional Consultation on the Draft Environmental and Social Framework for Government Stakeholders in East and Southeast Asia. This two-day event had simultaneous interpretation languages on Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia <> English and was supported by the hybrid SI equipment.
FHA International Conference on Slum Dwellers
A conference about addressing slum dwelling as a form of homelessness. Gathered by different nationalities who speak English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, the three-day event's sessions were supported by the SI equipment with onsite simultaneous interpreters.

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