TransCreation, an innovative translation solution that powers the future with generative AI

Nicole D. | 

March 9, 2024

Generative AI technology has rapidly progressed in recent years and is now widely used in various fields. Primarily based on natural language processing techniques, especially models like OpenAI’s GPT series, generative AI can analyze given input data and generate new text, sentences, and conversations. This ability makes it valuable in numerous applications, including content generation, automated chatbots, document summarization, translation, and more.

At Lexcode, we believed it was essential to be proactive about these changes. Recognizing that sticking to the traditional translation industry without restructuring our business would lead us on a path to extinction under the pressure of ever-growing technology and rising labor costs, we took the initiative. We developed a new solution that combines the ever evolving technologies of automatic translation and generative AI, enabling us to deliver fast and accurate results.

The outcome is TransCreation, a novel translation solution that harnesses the full potential of generative AI technology. This innovative solution automates the localization process, enhancing efficiency with a range of features. From a style guide enabling creative text generation to automatic glossary extraction, keyword summarization, and extraction, TransCreation complements existing automatic translation services, providing a comprehensive suite of tools for streamlined workflows.

Building a Generative AI-Based  Translation Solution

TransCreation is poised to revolutionize and streamline the translation process in localization by harnessing the powerful efficiency and creative text generation capabilities of generative AI. This innovative approach significantly reduces the time and cost of translation and restyling. Moreover, additional review or editing services that require a human touch can be swiftly and easily requested.

Vosk STT Toolkit Implementation

1. Style statements

Generate creative text based on the discipline, topic, and purpose of each document. For example, you might turn an original report into an article or a product introduction into text for a PPT presentation. This helps you write content in different styles while maintaining the professionalism and creativity of your content.

2. Automatic glossary extraction and correction

Automatically extract a glossary based on the document you upload. This glossary is then incorporated into the automatic translation, further improving the quality of the translation. You can manually edit the glossary with your organization’s unique nouns and terms or use the terminology data recommendation feature to create a more accurate and specialized glossary.

3. Subject-specific automatic translation

We go one step further from general automatic translation and perform automatic translation by field based on our own glossary. You can freely change it to the language of your choice and use it to facilitate communication and collaboration in the global market.

4. Summarize key points and extract keywords

Extract important information from long documents or articles to create concise summaries. This helps users quickly grasp key points and make decisions. In addition, you can also extract and analyze keywords from the document to identify its main content and trends.

5. AI Chatbot

Users can freely enter questions, and TransCreation will generate appropriate responses. This increases communication and efficiency in the content creation process.

6. Request for expert review

Based on the output generated by TransCreation, you can request professional review or editing services. This can significantly reduce the time and cost of translation work, as well as ensure the professionalism and quality of your deliverables with efficient and prompt assistance from experts.

Vosk STT Toolkit Implementation

A brief overview of TransCreation’s process

TransCreation offers endless possibilities for use in a variety of industries and sectors. For example, a global software company can automatically translate simple application update information into multiple languages and modify it with style statements to quickly deliver notices to users in different countries. In the financial sector, research reports can be translated into multiple languages, leveraging TransCreation’s style statements feature to create content tailored to each country’s financial jargon and style. This will help you communicate financial information more effectively in the global marketplace and demonstrate a high level of professionalism to investors and financial professionals.

In education, you can style-correct training materials in the form of presentations or utilize the Key Takeaways feature to create concise documents that summarize the key points of each topic. Learners will be able to easily digest complex content and master key concepts, increasing learning efficiency. This way, TransCreation can be used to automatically optimize and improve content based on the nature of the subject matter and the needs of the user.

As generative AI continues to evolve, TransCreation will continue to work on more sophisticated automatic translation and stylistic markup capabilities, expanding language support and enhancing its utility in various professional fields such as healthcare, law, science, and more. This will help users achieve higher efficiency and quality localization results, as well as expand their global reach.

The continued advancement of generative AI is a key to shaping the future. The growth of this technology is driving innovation in a multitude of fields, and solutions like TransCreation show how to effectively leverage these advancements. Let TransCreation help you get faster, more accurate localization results, expand your competitive edge in the global marketplace, and build a better future.

Chul Young Ham

Lexcode CEO