My 30-Day Journey into Our New Home

Ian C. | 

March 26, 2024

For many years, Lexcode has been a trusted name in the translation and localization industry. But just like the world around us, websites need to evolve too. Recognizing this, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new website designed by Filipinos for the Filipino. This new platform provides a more engaging, informative, and enhanced customer experience for its clients.

"Gawang Pilipino, Para sa Pilipino"

Revamping Your Journey

The new Lexcode website boasts several improvements designed to make navigating through its services a breeze, including:

New Features: Need a quick translation? Check the cost estimate with our new drag and drop feature on the LEX-Cloud page! Explore our wide array of translation and interpretation packages on offer and get a glimpse of our DeepRead research package.

Simplified Navigation: A new user-friendly layout allowing visitors to effortlessly access information about Lexcode, its varied services, and our diverse community.

Clear Visuals: Eye-catching visuals and a new sleek design reflecting Lexcode’s dedication to enhancing customer satisfaction.

Mobile friendliness: The website is now fully optimized for all devices, ensuring a seamless experience on desktops, tablets, and smartphone.

Why should you choose Lexcode

Lexcode has been connecting businesses across the language barrier for over a decade. Our company provides unrivaled access to a global network of highly qualified translators and interpreters with expertise in a wide variety of industries relevant in the Philippines.

On-site interpretation: Experienced interpreters ensure clear and concise communication at meetings, conferences, and events held within the Philippines.
Remote interpretation: Cutting-edge technology facilitates seamless remote interpreting solutions, ideal for geographically dispersed teams.
Equipment rentals: High-performance interpretation equipment rentals optimize multilingual events, ensuring smooth communication flow.
Translations: Efficient and high-quality translations for documents from instruction manuals, legal files, to personal document.

About Lexcode

Lexcode Philippines is a global business that centers on languages and communication. Founded in March 2010 in Makati City, the company strives to be the most reliable and technically advanced language localization company in the country. Throughout the years, Lexcode continues to evolve from a translation service provider to a technology-driven leader in the localization industry, relentlessly innovating human-centered AI solutions towards a world without language barriers.

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My 30 days journey to our new home