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From Doubt to Determination: My Leadership Journey and Aspirations at Lexcode

Andie B. | 

May 29, 2024

Do I have what it takes to be an effective leader? What type of leader do I aspire to become? These questions have lingered in my mind since I started my current leadership role. 

My Journey with Lexcode

I have been with Lexcode for almost six years, starting as an accounting assistant, then progressing to accounting officer, and now serving as operations supervisor. The pivotal moment came when our CEO offered me the position, a decision I initially hesitated to accept. Although I believe in my abilities and skills, doubts occasionally creep in.

Throughout my life, I’ve been driven to achieve, consistently pursuing growth, learning, and excellence. I’m confident in my abilities, knowing I possess a level of competence, competitiveness, and leadership aptitude, simply awaiting the right moment. So, despite my hesitation, I bravely took on the challenge.  

Overcoming Challenges

My journey with Lexcode has been far from smooth. When my supervisor abruptly resigned during my probationary period, the weight of all responsibilities fell upon me. Despite numerous instances of feeling overwhelmed and tempted to resign, faced with tasks that would typically be handled by an entire department in my previous workplace, I persevered.  

Now, as operations supervisor, my responsibilities have doubled, encompassing additional tasks like project management and marketing. Leading people has proven to be the most challenging yet fulfilling aspect of my role. Despite the difficulties, I remain firm in my determination to contribute to the company’s success and witness its future growth and achievements. 

Leadership and Support

Fortunately, our CEO, Chul Yong Ham, embodies strong leadership qualities. He is technologically savvy, intelligent, and adept in his role. However, he can also be tough, displaying brutal honesty and occasional harshness, which may seem emotionless at times. Yet, upon closer acquaintance, I came to understand that his critiques and admonishments are intended to foster personal and professional growth, encouraging independent thinking. He places a high value on his employees; even amid the pandemic’s sales downturn, he never laid off anyone or considered closing his business.

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Company Culture and Empowerment

Another significant factor that has kept me at Lexcode is the empowerment and trust extended to every employee and team member. Here, everyone has the autonomy to establish their objectives and oversee their tasks independently. Moreover, the organization cultivates a positive and supportive culture that is often lacking in other workplaces. The people at Lexcode are simply the best—intelligent, talented, and always fun to be with. 

Management in a meeting

Looking Forward

These are just a few reasons why, despite the obstacles, I remain committed to staying at Lexcode. It is a decision I make every day. I am hopeful that with the company’s current direction—striving to become the leading NLP company—I can contribute to its achievements. Together with my colleagues, we can create a brighter, more prosperous future for Lexcode. 

My Leadership Aspirations

I may not currently embody the leader I envision myself to be, but through continuous growth, learning, and experience, I aspire to become one who inspires others, someone who empowers team members to reach their full potential, and one that they can look up to. While I acknowledge that I have a long way to go, I know I am far from where I used to be.

From Doubt to Determination: My Leadership Journey and Aspirations at Lexcode

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