Terrence and his team on lunch.

Feeding the Team Spirit: Why Team Lunches Became My Daily Joy

Terrence B. | 

May 29, 2024

Working can be very stressful. As a project assistant, I’m in charge of coordinating quoting tasks between project managers, teams, and clients. However, my responsibilities don’t end there. There are numerous other tasks that I need to manage, often leading to overlapping duties. Like any other job, it can get hectic. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, eating good food helps me manage my stress. Based on experience, I can confidently say that good food has been one of the best ways to alleviate my stress.

I still remember how nervous I was on my first day at work, but I immediately shook off the feeling when I started talking to my coworkers, who welcomed me with warm smiles and genuine interest in my story. It didn’t take long for me to feel completely comfortable at Lexcode, thanks to the friendly atmosphere. I formed a particularly close bond with my teammates on the IPM team—Zita, Leng, and Agatha—who played a crucial role in shaping me as a project assistant, as they were very hands-on and involved during my training. Now, among my favorite bonding moments with them are our team lunches.

Right photo is terence and his team taking a mirror picture Photo on the left is a team photo taken within the company photoshoot

Since most of us work from home, team lunches are one of the few opportunities we have to meet face-to-face. Now that we’re very close with each other as a team, I think food played a big part in forming our trust and closeness. During these lunches, we share stories with each other, from our personal lives to happenings at work. We also talk about things we can improve for our team. In addition to camaraderie, team lunches also increase our productivity and motivation. Whenever I have a tough time at work, I look forward to these lunches as a reward after completing exhausting tasks or projects. Knowing that I’ll have a great time with my teammates gives me the extra push I need to move forward.

“First we eat, then we do everything else.” – MFK Fisher

Last year, Suh Jaewan, the Hyperlation team’s Department Leader of Lexcode Korea, visited us in the Philippines. Our lunch with him was instrumental in forming a bond, as we were able to move beyond work-related conversations and get to know each other better. It was very fun talking with him while savoring good food. We got to know each other better and shared different stories and aspects of our cultures. These are moments that excite me whenever we’re having our team lunch because every time, there are different stories and experiences that we get to share with each other.

It’s crucial to take time to switch work mode off and interact with colleagues, especially on overwhelming workdays. This is why team lunches have become a vital source of my serotonin boost. These breaks not only provide a necessary respite but also foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Sharing a meal with colleagues encourages informal conversations, often leading to creative ideas and solutions that might not surface in a formal setting. Additionally, these moments of relaxation and connection leave me feeling more motivated and inspired to tackle pending tasks, enhancing my productivity and overall job satisfaction.

So next time you feel the weight of the workload pressing down, consider organizing a team lunch. Not only will it give you a much-needed break, but it might also be the key to unlocking new levels of creativity and cooperation within your team. Plus, you never know what fascinating stories and insights your colleagues might share over a delicious meal. In the hustle and bustle of our professional lives, these simple yet meaningful moments can make all the difference, turning stress into success and transforming coworkers into friends.

Feeding the Team Spirit: Why Team Lunches Became My Daily Joy

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