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Drag a file to translate, and it only takes
5 minutes to get AI translation or autoquotation, and to request for professional translation.
LEX-Cloud turns language barriers to opportunities.

Sit in front of your PC and write emails, paste attachments,
make requests over the phone,
reply to more emails check files and....

But what about online shopping?

Anytime, anywhere, on any device. Connect, check, and communicate with the person in charge of your project.
LEX-Cloud provides a user experience that is even more convenient than online shopping.

Analytics make it easier to get real time data.

Instead of just browsing through information, create another value by analyzing it.
LEX-Cloud Analytics enables you to learn about your company's projects,
focus areas, and languages. Understand these insights better and faster through intuitive graphs. Analyze data for strategic planning,
and manage accounting records after finishing all projects, or before starting a new one.
Track important trends and targets. Optimize your business now.

Our self-developed AI translation engine

Use Google Translate and Naver Papago more conveniently on LEX-Cloud.

Make it easier and faster to build your own company portal.

‘Our Company’ is the LEX-Cloud portal to use for a customized B2B interface.
Lexcode and your company can set our agreed rates and terms. No need to go through the same steps over and over again.

Log in on LEX-Cloud and upload the file you want to translate. Just download the translation when the notification comes!
LEX-Cloud is updated regularly to get rid of any frictions in the process.
Task management on LEX-Cloud is a breeze.

Personnel changes is a common problem in any business.
Without a reliable and high-tech system, it is almost impossible to turn over 100% of the work.
LEX-Cloud makes it happen without much effort.

Just log in to your company's LEX-Cloud account,
and get access to your entire work history.

Security is tighter than ever

LEX-Cloud is built on
Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world's most reliable server.
On top of it is Lexcode's security protocol, which has been protecting the company for over 20 years.
The risk of leaving valuable documents on multiple local PCs or servers is fundamentally solved by LEX-Cloud.

Five minutes is all it takes.

From a single document
To a library full of documents

Lexcode has grown into a leading localization company
backed up by more than 20 years of experience.
It is opening opportunities from the language barriers faced by
thousands of customers, hundreds of companies, and public institutions worldwide.

We know exactly how to do this.
Behind LEX-Cloud's intuitive features
are 20 years of knowledge and experience.


Keep track of records and manage file versions.

Quotes, request forms, original text, revised text, translated text, revised copy, final copy, proof of payment, etc.
Stop wasting your precious time juggling all these things.

The moment you connect to LEX-Cloud and start working,
all your documents, conversations, and data are saved and organized in chronological order.

Reduce the time spent on all of this by 80% or more.